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Index of /ubuntu-cdimage/daily-live/20200124/

File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/--
focal-desktop-amd64.metalink995 B2020-Feb-20 15:52
MD5SUMS-metalink63 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
MD5SUMS-metalink.gpg916 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
SHA1SUMS.gpg916 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
MD5SUMS58 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
MD5SUMS.gpg916 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
SHA1SUMS66 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
SHA256SUMS90 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
SHA256SUMS.gpg916 B2020-Jan-24 15:49
focal-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync4.7 MiB2020-Jan-24 15:48
focal-desktop-amd64.list15.0 KiB2020-Jan-24 15:48
focal-desktop-amd64.iso2.4 GiB2020-Jan-24 15:48
focal-desktop-amd64.manifest54.0 KiB2020-Jan-24 15:45
focal-desktop-amd64.OVERSIZED0 B2019-Oct-19 08:38

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